The iMag Difference

The iMag Difference

iMag Transdermal & Bioavailable Advantage:

iMag is liquid, ionic magnesium in the form of natural magnesium chloride, which has two advantages for absorption:

  1. The ionic nature of the magnesium chloride molecule – learn more
  2. The transdermal delivery system – learn more

This makes iMag magnesium spray and flakes a powerful combination for supporting healthy bones and joints.

Avoid CANCERous packaging:
Liquid supplements in plastic bottles are exposed to BPA & BPS: plastic chemicals that have been linked with cancer, mood disorders, lowered IQ, hormonal dysregulation, and infertility. 

iMag is the only liquid magnesium you can buy in a glass bottle.  We don’t cut corners when it comes to your health.

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Mississauga Canada L5N 8C3


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  2. How to use iMag?
  3. Magnesium-Chloride?

Visit MgPedia: A magnesium resource where you can learn about magnesium deficiency and your body.


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