Welcome to the end of our blog series and your journey to discovering your most vital nutrient when it comes to your metabolism, better energy levels, and a healthier body weight.

In this series we learned that the human body needs magnesium for all the major, fundamental factors of converting your food and body fat into the energy that keeps you alive. Let’s briefly go over magnesium’s role in each major aspect of your energy-generating metabolism:

1. Insulin function – Insulin is the hormone your pancreas produces when it detects a rise in fuel sources like glucose in your blood stream. This hormone lets your cells absorb both glucose and fatty acids so they can be used to make energy for your body parts. Magnesium is needed to make insulin. Furhtermore your cells’ insulin receptors also need magnesium to function!

2. Your body fat liberation – You can burn your own body fat for energy as well. First, your fat cells must release their fatty acids into your blood stream so they can then travel to your muscles and organs where they can be burned for energy. Magnesium is responsible for making two hormones that stimulate the release of fatty acids from your fat cells into your blood stream: Glucagon and Growth Hormone.

3. Converting fat and carbs into fuel – Once glucose and fatty acids enter your cells, they both need to be converted into special molecules called Acetyl CoA. Why? Because the energy factories inside your cells (mitochondria) can only use these special molecules (as well as ketones) to make energy. Magnesium is required for the two metabolic processes that convert glucose and fatty acids into Acetyl CoA molecules: glycolysis and beta oxidation.

4. Converting that fuel into energy molecules (ATP) – Now these Acetyl CoA molecules can be used by your cells’ energy factories to make energy molecules called ATP (adenosine triphosphate.) ATP molecules are like your gasoline. They make life possible, and without them, we cannot live. Your mitcohondria (energy factories) use two metabolic pathways to convert Acetyl CoA molecules into ATP molecules.  Both of these metabolic pathways require magnesium: The citric Acid Cycle & The Electron Transport Chain.

5. Magnesium is a physical part of every active energy molecule – Not only is magnesium required for the process of making all your life-supporting ATP energy molecules… Magnesium also makes up a physical part of every ATP molecule. What does this mean? Every ATP molecule needs to be attached to a magnesium atom in order to be biologically active and give you energy.

6. Magnesium protects your body’s energy factories (mitochondria) – There are three major stresses within your cells that damage your mitochondrial energy factories. These are: excess cellular calcium buildup, inflammation, and cellular iron toxicity. Magnesium plays a central role in reducing all three of these. 



Simply put, you need magnesium so that your body can make enough energy for all its vital functions. Whenever any of your vital functions stop working optimally, your health declines. 

This helps explain why magnesium deficiency is implicated in all major diseases, especially in the most common metabolic disease: diabetes.

Diabetes is literally the inability to make enough energy. It can stem from improper insulin function as well as improper cellular fuel creation, or even poor mitochondrial function. The critical factor is that all three of these areas are require magnesium.

Furhtermore, low energy and fatigue from magnesium deficiency simply make life less enjoyable, and they make fat loss very difficult.

This is why so many people use iMag natural magnesium to restore and maintain healthy magnesium levels, and keep their energy high and body fat low.

We hope you see that this is the kind of life-changing information that all of your friends and loved ones deserve to know about.

Magnesium deficiency is an epidemic that affects over 90% of people to some degree, and if left untreated, it has no choice but to develop into disease. To learn more about the basics of magnesium and how it has become such a widespread epidemic, check out our short but powerful magnesium basics series.

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